Let Go… and Make Room for More!

21 Apr
Good-bye Fancy Pants

Good-bye Fancy Pants

Confession time. I have been holding on to a pair of jeans for far too long that are far too small for me. It’s like watching a Great Dane trying to fit into a Chihuahua’s sweater–it ain’t happening! And my reasoning for holding onto these jeans is even sillier: I don’t want to get rid of them because I invested a lot of money in them… and I dread shopping for jeans. Please join me in playing my tiny violin. Thankfully I called myself out on my own BS and will bequeath them to another fashionable soul because my booty cannot squeeze into them… nor do I want it to…


I purchased those jeans after I lost quite a bit of weight (gluten intolerance and adrenal fatigue suck) due to a stressful chapter in my life. That chapter is finished and so are these jeans.


It can be scary to let go, to admit that something or someone isn’t working for us. When we let go of negative energy, we free ourselves to receive so many positive blessings. We literally make room for opportunities we want to attract. Every Fall and Spring when I go through my entire apartment one room at a time and clear out everything I don’t need, I end up attracting new clients, have a surge of creative ideas and have more time and energy for the people and hobbies I love. True story.


What are you holding on to? What clothing, appliances, relationships, furniture, food, thoughts are holding you back from moving forward and reaching your goals? What is one action step you can take today to let go and make room for more?

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