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Fats Won’t Make You Fat and Carbs Aren’t the Devil

22 Sep

IMG_1197The Diet World is confusing. A quick Internet search lists so many fad diets, you don’t know which one is right for you. Should you do high carb or low carb, Atkins or Vegetarian, Slow or FAST?


Before you decide how you want to eat, let me throw in my two cents. How about not dieting at all? What about just eating food—real food that tastes amazing and works with your body type and needs (such as diabetes, thyroid disease, food allergies, weight loss, etc.)?


While I’m not going to give general recommendations in this blog as to how many vegetables, starches, fruit, fat and protein grams you should eat (because I believe that is highly individualized and who the heck knows what a gram of anything looks like, let alone want to measure it), I do want to talk about what real food is made of (macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat) and how it builds and sustains our health. While I think knowing examples of what a carb, fat and protein are is important, I also think it is crucial to remember that we eat food—not macronutrients—and that each food almost always contains all three macronutrients.


Carbohydrates. A lot of people villainize carbs, but here’s the catch—vegetables and fruits are carbs too, so eliminating carbs is certainly not the answer to vitality. Carbohydrates are compounds composed of sugars (not to be confused with processed sugars that truly hinder your health) and come from plants. They are a primary source of energy, fiber and a structural component of cell walls and plasma membranes because they contain all sorts of stellar vitamins, minerals, water and secondary nutrients like antioxidants. Carbohydrates include vegetables, fruits and starches (grains, beans and potatoes).


Protein. Protein consumption is essential for building and repairing all tissues in the body such as muscle, bones, organs, hair and skin, not to mention neurotransmitters, enzymes, hormones and a source of energy. There are 21 amino acids (for the chemistry aficionados, these are the individual compound strands of protein) and our bodies can make most of these all on our own. However, there are 8 essential amino acids that can only be obtained through direct consumption of fish, fowl, meat, eggs and dairy. These amino acid building blocks are necessary for our bodies to function optimally.


Fat. Before you run for the hills, please understand that you need to eat fat. Fat is composed of glycerol and fatty acids and their asso­ciated organic groups. Fat is a source of energy, a building block for cell membranes and hormones, aids in nerve conduction and helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. It also helps with maintaining healthy weight due to its satiating nature. It is essential to consume high quality saturated and unsaturated fats to maintain optimal health, especially the essential fatty acid omega-3. Fabulous fat examples include olives, coconut, avocados, nuts and seeds.


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“When I lose weight, I will…”

29 Sep
Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson

Have you ever said, “When I lose weight, I will…”

  • ask for a raise
  • leave my unhealthy relationship
  • buy new clothes
  • socialize more

Or maybe you’ve said, “When I have more money, I will…”

  • join a gym
  • eat healthier
  • travel more
  • pursue my dream job

Whatever it is, we’ve all said the “When I’m…” statements before. We think there is something wrong with our physical being (not attractive enough, not thin enough, not wealthy enough) or our mental and emotional being (not smart enough, not talented enough). We believe we need to be a photoshopped version of ourselves to achieve happiness. Well, that is just a brown paper bag of poo set ablaze and left at our feet by the negative voice in our head.

We aren’t that voice.

I use to think that if I was prettier, smarter, wealthier, life would be better. I’d travel more, meet a wonderful man, pursue my dream job and have a life full of butterfly-colored unicorns dancing on rainbows. I finally realized the list I made about all the things I’d do if I were prettier, smarter or had more money was the root to my happiness. If I wanted to pursue my dream job, then I better start doing what I love and if I wanted to be in a loving relationship with an amazing man, I better get off my couch and get out there. I finally realized that waiting to be those things was costing me those exact things I wanted—it was costing me happiness NOW. And what if (*gasp*) I already was enough? How freeing would it be to believe you are enough?

Guess what my hot-to-trot friend? You are enough. We all are. It’s time for all of us to re-write our message and kick that negative Nancy or Ned out of our head. What is more true: (1) Losing weight will turn your significant other into the person of your dreams who treats you with love and kindness or (2) Leaving your unhealthy relationship will free you to meet other people who bring joy and support to your life so you find yourself stressing less, choosing to treat yourself better and the pounds begin to fall off? I encourage you to insert your own personal scenario into that statement. Change is difficult and it’s okay to be scared of the unknown. It’s okay to have real, human feelings. But realize this, you have the choice to change your life and be happy NOW. You don’t have to wait to live. What if you asked for that raise you deserve? You joined that gym? You decided you’d rather be single and happy than dating and miserable? Ooooh!!! I get goosebumps just thinking about all of the amazing talents you bring to the world and the joy you can create for yourself if you choose to believe and take action. I know from experience that the first step always takes the most courage, but it offers the most growth as well.

So, what’s buzzing in that beautiful brain of yours? What is it costing you to hold on to things/relationships that bring unhappiness? How is it serving you? What is one thing you can do to step into your happiness? I ask you these questions, because these are the questions I needed to answer myself… and it ain’t always pretty. My rock bottom was illness and a controlling environment… and while the journey isn’t always easy, the opportunity to reinvent yourself and step into happiness is worth it. Is that a butterfly-colored unicorn salsa dancing on a rainbow? Yes. Yes it is.

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