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Homemade Produce Wash: How to Get the Funk Off Your Fruit (and Veggies)

19 May
This pear is about to get a spa treatment.

This pear is about to get a spa treatment.

Obvious statement: I dig gardening and Farmers’ Markets. Always have, always will. I remember many instances eating strawberries and chives straight from my parents’ garden as a little girl. No rinsing or checking for bugs… maybe just a little air to blow the dirt off if I noticed any. Probably not my finest moment in food hygiene, but I definitely excelled at the Farm to Table experience in my younger years.


Now that I am a gardening adult, fully aware of the amount of manure I use in my garden, I like to make sure my food is actually clean before I eat it. The secret weapon: apple cider vinegar. Not only can it make your hair shine and improve your digestion, but this little wonder can clean your produce of dirt, bugs and bacteria. Woot, woot!


Here’s how…


Mix 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar (I prefer Bragg’s) for every 1 cup of filtered water you use. Place the produce in a bowl or your kitchen sink (make sure the sink is clean) and soak it in this mixture for at least 5 minutes. Scrub (with a designated produce scrub brush or your hands), rinse with water, pat dry and savor!

Organic or Bust?

17 Feb
Farmer's Markets are great places to purchase organically grown produce inexpensively (or grow your own for the best produce available).

Farmer’s Markets are great places to purchase organically grown produce inexpensively (or grow your own for the best produce available).

Eating organically grown fresh vegetables and fruits is the bee’s knees, no question. But does your produce always have to be organic? Eating conventional broccoli always beats eating a brownie any day of the week. If eating organic produce doesn’t fit your budget or isn’t available to you, here is a handy-dandy list for what fruits and vegetables are the cleanest (least amount of pesticide residue) and which are the dirtiest (most contaminated produce) and worth the extra organic cost.














sweet peas

sweet potatoes





cherry tomatoes



hot peppers






sweet bell peppers

kale/collard greens

summer squash (zucchini and yellow squash)


Information adapted from EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides.

School Lunch Ideas for Healthy and Happy Kids

18 Aug

healthy lunchMost parents are aware that school lunches are lacking in the nutrition department. Hello mystery meat! So, how do you pack healthy lunches for your kids without them feeling “different” compared to what their friends are eating? First of all, let them pick out a cool lunch box (I still remember my Empire Strikes Back tin lunch box), a fun thermos or bottle to go with it for water, ice pack to keep it fresh, not funky and let them be a part of the lunch making process as much as possible. The gift of choice will give your child a sense of ownership, appreciation and pride–they will feel amazing! All of these ideas require no re-heating and are great for adults too. (Note: kids need more starches for their growing brain and body, so if you are an adult looking to lose fat, try using collard greens for your wraps or Julian’s Bakery bread and wraps.) 

Sandwiches or Wraps

Use Ezekiel sprouted bread and wraps or Julian’s Bakery coconut bread and wraps for gluten-free kids. You can even use cookie cutters for fun sandwich shapes.

1. BLT: nitrate-free bacon, tomatoes, lettuce (romaine, kale, arugula, spinach), guacamole.

2. Southwest: add taco seasoned chicken, turkey or grass-fed beef, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce (romaine, kale, arugula or spinach) avocado, black olives.

3. Italian: Applegate Farms nitrate-free frozen cooked chicken sage sausages (cooked and chopped), little mozzarella, fresh basil, sliced tomatoes, drizzle balsamic vinegar

5. Greek: chicken breast (shredded), kalamata or green olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, hummus

6. Nutty: almond, cashew or sunflower seed butter, sliced fresh fruit (banana, apple or strawberries)

7. Standard: Applegate Farms nitrate-free roast beef, provolone cheese, tomatoes and lettuce (romaine, kale, arugula or spinach).

8. Egg Delight: 2 soft-boiled eggs (sliced), hummus or guacamole, lettuce (romaine, kale, arugula or spinach)

Mini Pizza

Make this the night before or on the weekend and refrigerate (or freeze if needed). Again, let the kids have fun and pick out their own toppings.

1. Spread high quality pizza sauce (or make your own) on wrap.

2. Add meat: Applegate Farms nitrate-free pepperoni, ground turkey or grass-fed beef or shredded chicken.

3. Add additional toppings: olives, roasted or sautéed veggies, pineapple, cheese, etc.

4. Bake in oven on 325° until cheese is melted and wrap is crisp.


Take skewers and add leftover roasted chicken or chopped steak, cheese, veggies and fruit. Again, cookie cutters are fun here too!


Their growing bodies need plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Toss in some raw veggie sticks with guacamole or hummus dip, fresh fruit, greek salad, celery with nut butter or any other veggies they like.

Sweet Treat

Sometimes it is fun to throw in a little treat now and then, especially if they are wanting cookies or candy bars like their friends have in their lunches. Try making your own trail mix with nuts and dehydrated fruit, date and walnut brownies or 1/3 of a Larabar.

Recipes courtesy of Stephanie Bell

***While nitrate-free deli meat is easy when you’re in a pinch, still keep it in moderation and try not to feed it to your kiddos more than once per week.