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25 Nov

Do you have guests in town for the holidays? Want to take them to a restaurant that satisfies all their cravings, yet have healthy selections? No worries my friend. I threw together this little guide to help you fret less during your feast. Cheers!

Even a burger can be healthy if you swap fries for a salad and skip the bun.

Even a burger can be healthy if you swap fries for a salad and skip the bun.

For the Italian Stallion. If your guest is craving cozy warm Italian comfort food or flatbread pizza, try…  Nicola’s. No-fret feast: order pollo y verduras (chicken and vegetables)

For the Fancy Pants Foodie. If your guest simply loves fine dining and creative and delicious cuisine with seasonal produce, try…

  1. V. Mertz. No-fret feast: order pan-seared diver scallops, all natural chicken breast or vegetable garden
  2. Grey Plume. No-fret feast: order squash soup, wild caught Columbia river salmon, Plum Creek Farm’s chicken or vegetarian ragout

For the Casual Conversationalist. If your guest enjoys sharing tasty food and excellent conversation, try… French Bulldog. No-fret feast: split the charcuterie plate, bulldog salad and roasted vegetables

For the Luncheon Lover. If your guest wants to grab a quick lunch between events, try…

  1. Kitchen Table. No-fret feast: order your call salad combo with soup or peanut butter apple or kale salad
  2. Greengo Coffee-Deli. No-fret feast: menu changes constantly, but you can’t go wrong with their soups and salads.

For the Indecisive Individuals. If Aunt Edna can’t make up her mind, but cousin Liam is craving steak and potatoes, these delicious and varied menus are sure to please everyone.

  1. Twisted Cork Bistro. No-fret feast: order twisted salad, tomato-red pepper soup, sockeye & greens, fisherman’s stew, seattle cioppino or Honolulu Cobb
  2. Stokes Bar and Grill. No-fret feast: order wood grilled chicken (swap the rice for extra veggies), good for you salad (no bread, please) or black bean soup
  3. Lot 2. No-fret feast: order kale salad as a side with the falafel or beef stew
  4. Mark’s Bistro. No-fret feast: order salmon salad
  5. Dario’s Brasserie. No-fret feast: order venison sausage or mussels a la provencal (swap the fries for salad)
  6. M’s Pub. No-fret feast: order lamb salad or any of the burgers off of the gluten free menu with a side salad

I haven’t eaten at every restaurant in Omaha–but I want to!–so tell me what you think. What is your favorite restaurant to take your guests?