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Spring Garden Guide

3 Feb
Go forth and spread your seeds! Your vegetables seeds in case there was any confusion.

Go forth and spread your seeds! Your vegetables seeds… in case there was any confusion.

Let the gardening season begin! Yippee! I know it is hard to think about your garden plot when the ground is covered with snow and the temps are sub-zero, but the thought of a freshly picked juicy ripe tomato on a BLT puts a smile on anyone’s face and a song in my heart. *sigh* While it is far too early to start planting outdoors in Nebraska, it is never too early to order seeds and create your gardening guide for rows of tasty (and might I add super inexpensive and healthy) produce come spring and summer. I can smell the bacon cooking…



Preparation: Now is the time to start ordering/purchasing seeds or attend seed swaps in your community. Seeds are good for 3-4 years, so share the good lovin’ if you have plenty left over. This is also the time to consider your gardening space (community, backyard, raised beds, containers, etc) and your chemical-free means for controlling pesky pests while keeping your produce–and all of the big and little people who eat it–safe.



Preparation: Time to play in the dirt and by dirt, I mean manure that will add nutrients to your soil for the best possible growing conditions. That poo is the holy grail for hearty, healthy produce. Also, plant seeds for transplant plants such as cabbage, celery, eggplant, leeks, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Depending on the variety, you will want to start the process 6-8 weeks before they are to be transplanted outdoors in the garden. If you plan on buying the plants, then no worries darling.

Outdoor Planting: Plant asparagus crowns, collard green seeds, onions, pea seeds, radish seeds, spinach seeds and turnip seeds.



Outdoor Planting: Plant leek plants, swiss chard seeds, broccoli plants, cabbage plants, cauliflower plants, lettuce seeds, kale seeds and beet seeds.



Outdoor Planting: Plant carrot seeds, potato plants, cucumber seeds, pumpkin seeds, eggplant plants, pepper plants, tomato plants and summer squash seeds.


Truth be told, I am not a master gardener by any means. My experience comes from trial and error through my own garden and through gardening advice from my parents who have organically gardened for over 30 years. Yes… they are the cat’s meow.


For more regional gardening information, check out the UNL Extension program, your local nursery and community garden, and organizations such as City Sprouts, North Omaha Tool Library and Common Soil Seed Library at the Benson Public Library.

Outdoor Odessey

14 Jan
Smith Falls State Park. Photo courtesy of www.visitvalentine.org

Smith Falls State Park. Photo courtesy of http://www.visitvalentine.com.

Whether the outdoors is blanketed in snow or not, there is plenty of nature-loving fun and fitness to be had by all. Bundle up and start your trek to the great outdoors…


If you fancy a hike or long for a snowshoe or cross-country ski expedition, then pack your thermos with chili, throw some almonds in your pocket, and get your warm-clothing-layered awesome self outdoors! The beauty of hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing is that you can do it in the comfort of your neighborhood or venture out to a nature center (and the fact that it works every major muscle, increases cardiovascular fitness and burns 400-700 calories per hour is pretty cool too). Most parks have equipment you can rent or you can pick up your own gear at an outdoor sports store. So strap on your shoes (or skis) of choice and try your neighborhood park or any of these beautiful nature centers:


Boyer Chute (Omaha, NE)

Fontenelle Forest (Bellevue, NE)

Hitchcock Nature Center (Honey Creek, IA)

Indian Cave State Park (Brownville, NE)

Mahoney State Park (Ashland, NE)

Neale Woods (Denton, NE)

Pioneers Park (Lincoln, NE)

Ponca State Park (Ponca, NE)

Smith Falls State Park (Valentine, NE)


For more information on state parks, nature centers and outdoor fun, visit the Nebraska Games and Parks website.