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The Goodie Ghouls

8 Oct


Halloween is a time for children (and adults) to indulge their imagination, becoming whomever and whatever they wish to be, carve pumpkins and go on hayrack rides. However, Halloween can also be a month-long battle against spooky snack-sized sweets that fill store aisles, candy dishes and trick-or-treat bags, slowly creeping up the scale and sparking the sweet downward spiral into Sugarland. You may find yourself sampling the candy corn decor or nibbling on goodies from your kids’ trick-or-treat bags that you hid in the freezer. Fear not, Pumpkin! You don’t need to throw your good nutrition habits out the door just because Halloween and its big bag of evil goodies are knocking. There are ways to maintain your healthy body and enjoy Halloween while keeping your kids’ sugar-induced comas and stomach-aches at bay. Here are some quick tips to fight the goodie ghouls.

1. Buy Alternative Treats. Fun alternates to candy are glow-in-the-dark bracelets, pencils and stickers.

2. Buy Gross Candy. Now, this may be different for everyone, but if you like a certain candy, for the love do NOT buy it! Give out candy you dislike. There will be no temptation for you and, depending on how gross the candy is, you will have saved countless neighborhood children from sugar highs, because they won’t eat it either. If you haven’t met a sweet you don’t fancy, then wait until October 31st to buy candy.

3. Minus the DecorATE. Sure, Halloween colored M&M’s look cute in your glass pumpkin dish, but they won’t look so cute after you’ve eaten the equivalent of 2 candy bars in 5 minutes and feel bloated, fatigued and sick. Rather, fill that dish with acorns, apples, or leaves to add a homey vibe to your fall decor.

4. Cook Bat Wings. Everyone goes crazy baking for holidays. Trust me, you and your family will have so much sugar thrown your way that the last thing you need to do is make ghost sugar cookies and spider cupcakes. Instead, plan a fun Halloween dinner (think lime “bat” wings, eyeball grapes, scrambled “brains,” almond fingernails, etc.). Your kids will be more excited about that than another black and orange cookie.

5. Spread the Love. Allow your kids to choose 10 pieces of their favorite candy (a month supply at two pieces per week). Allow them (and yourself) to have one or two pieces of candy that night. Place the remainder in the freezer, picking one night during the week when they may have two more pieces of candy. This will give all of you something to look forward to and know that you aren’t depriving yourself of your favorite sweet treat. After they choose their candy, bag the rest and donate it or throw it away. Many organizations and dentist offices will collect the candy (and some will pay you for it) and donate it to troops overseas.

6. Work Your Thang. Build special memories with your kids and take this amazing opportunity to show them (and yourself) that play is fun and important for a healthy body. Start the night with a Mini-Monster’s Ball before your FrankenPepper Dinner. Play the Monster Mash and other fun Halloween tunes and dance your little vampire heart out. After dinner, join the kiddos and walk house-to-house with them while they trick-or-treat. Take turns thinking of different ways to get to the next house… maybe you do the Igor Foot Slide, the Boogie Man Boogie or the Headless Horseman Trot.

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, laugh often, be safe and enjoy the simple moments in life.

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