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Top 3 Tips for Fat Loss

15 Sep


Losing fat doesn’t mean exercising hours per day or eating celery sticks with oatmeal. Amen! Serve yourself a guacamole topped taco salad and let’s chat fat.

1. Make Muscle. Most of us seek the fat loss train on the treadmill, but muscle mass is the true engine to your fat burning bliss. So step off the treadmill at least three times per week and dedicate that time towards strength training instead. More lean muscle mass = less body fat, more energy, higher metabolism, increased strength and bone density, healthy hormones and better overall health.

2. Pack in the Protein and Vegetables. Protein and vegetables are the special sauce in your daily nutrition routine. In Geek Speak, protein is the building block of all of our tissues and enzymes, while vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals–key components for healthy physiological function. Both of these powerhouses help us stay full and keep our blood sugar levels stable.

3. Eat to Lose. Well, I don’t mind if I do! Many times we think we need to drastically cut calories to lose weight. You might lose weight at first, but it is at the cost of your lean muscle mass, not fat. Plus, very low caloric intake will put your body on high alert starvation mode, helping you hold on to fat for energy and not burn it. Instead, eat reasonable portions every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism revved, your blood sugar levels balanced and your body a fat-burning machine.

Let’s put this into action now. What tip can you incorporate today? What small step can you take to be your best, healthy self?

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